Wednesday, January 13, 2010

BY-My-Art T-shirt’s Design Campaign

By-My-Art Ltd of Trinidad and Tobago was established in 2007 and we specialize in Eco-friendly fashion apparel and accessories for men and women.

Sustainable fashion and ethical business practice in the 21st century heightened public awareness regarding issues associated with climate change. Operating since 2007, By-My-Art has shared this responsibility of maintaining ethical partnerships between the production process, consumption and the environment.

To communicate our philosophy, By-My-Art is pleased to invite you to be a part of our T-shirt campaign. We believe this is the perfect opportunity for you to help us to come up with the right statements. What we wear says a lot about who we are. The right design has the power to build greater awareness of the role we can all pay.

By-My-Art wants you to share your vision and define the human experience within a complex ecological system, one person at a time.

By-My-Art will accept designs until 28 February at 12 pm, at which a distinguished panel of fashion and design experts will pick the top 10 T-shirts designs. By-My-Art FACEBOOK members will then have a week to vote online for their favorite of the final five designs, which will be printed and put on show at the Trinidad and Tobago Fashion Week in late May.

The winning designs will have a huge impact on how BY-My-Art is seen globally. We look forward to adding your T-s.

To Enter your design send your emails to

Launch date May 2010


January: invitation to artists deadline for submission February 28th, 2010
March: final selection and online voting
April: group exhibition of artwork
May: t-shirt’s launch at Fashion Week 2010

Benefits to the artist:

Earn revenue for each t-shirt sold
Press release
Receive 2 complementary t-shirts
Online promotions and merchandise
Group exhibition


You can submit an unlimited number of designs for selection with the following features.

Prepare a short 250-word text on your concept
You can submit your design as a PDF or JPEG file
Provide an email contact