Sunday, May 23, 2010


By-My-Art is pleased to announce Mario Lewis as the featured speaker at the inauguration of the Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago 2010, Seminar “Diatribe”. The presentation entitled “Ethical Fashion”, will also introduce the work of the founding director of the London based Ethical Fashion Forum Tamsin Lejeune.

The mission of the Ethical Fashion Forum is to SUPPORT and PROMOTE sustainable practices, facilitate COLLABORATION, raise AWARENESS and provide the TOOLS AND RESOURCES needed to reduce poverty, reduce environmental damage and raise standards in the fashion industry.



Tuesday 1st June, 2010

Time: 10 a.m-12 noon

Seats are limited book early

By-My-Art T-shirt samples are here.

Sorry it took this long, but it worth the wait. We finally have some images for you to see what the T-shirts look like. Its state of the art digital printing from a very reputable company in the USA, and the T-shirts are produced by a top apparel design brand also in the USA. By-My-Art intention is to provide you with the best sustainable products.

See the By-My-Art T-shirts LIVE at Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago on Wednesday June 2nd, 2010.

Stay tune for more EXCITING news.

Monday, April 12, 2010

By-My-Art T-Shirt Design Campaign WINNERS!!

And The (5) WINNERS Are!

1. Elspeth Duncan: 34 votes

2. Jean-Marc Hunt: 19 votes

3. Ibrahim Miranda: 19 votes

4. Mario Lewis: 15 votes

5. Tamara Tam-Cruickshank: 15 votes

6. Omar Lewis: 12 votes

7. Seon Thompson: 11 votes

8. Hassan Hajjaj: 10

9. Hadassah Emmerich: 8

10. Raimi Gbadamosi: 8

Julian Duncan is the WINNER of a free By-My-Art T-shirt for predicting the winning designs.

By-My-Art will like to sincerely thank all the participating artists who gave their time to prepare and submit their designs. Without your contribution this project would not be here today. And most importantly we want to thank [YOU] all our By-My-Art supporters. Our journey has only just begun.

We have some very new and interesting developments to share with you as the Trinidad and Tobago Fashion Week gain momentum. Look out for new announcements and giveaways.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Final Days!

You still got a few days to cast your vote for the top (5) T-shirt designs. Here is the surprise. One lucky person will receive a free By-My-Art T-shirt in the mail, if you can predict the (5) wining designs.
Deadline 11 April 2010, 12: am.
The names of the winners and their designs will be will be revealed 12 April 2010 on By-My-Art’s blog site

Friday, April 2, 2010

Vote Now

By-My-Art need your vote for the top (5) t-shirt designs.
You are welcome to cast your vote for the top (5) t-shirt designs and we might also have a surprise for you. All you have to do is say which (5) t-shirt designs you will wear.

The 10-finalist designs will be shown on bymyart’s Face book page and our blog:

You can cast your vote and leave your comments on either: on our Blog or Face book.
The members of the By-My-Art Jury will count your vote and listen to your comments.

The process of voting is as follows:
  • You have one-week to cast your vote and tell your friends.
  • Online visitors can choose the By-My-Art blog, Face book or email to cast their vote for their favorite [5] t-shirt designs in the period between 3 April 2010 to 11 April 2010, 12: am.
  • Do remember, you can only vote once for you favorite top [5] t-shirt designs.

The names of the winners and their designs will be will be revealed 12 April 2010 on By-My-Art’s blog site



“Think Roots”

The roots are stemming from the mind, thereby allowing connectivity to everything else within. THINK ROOTS is about a yearning for and an active searching for the source, the Self. It represents that point in the cyclic activity of natural life when we want to return to ourselves, after having looked far and wide for things outside us to fill a seemingly infinite void.



"Your Days Are Numbered”

We continue to misuse our non- renewable resources everyday without any consideration of conservation. This design uses the simple words of ‘Your Days Are Numbered’ to sensitize the viewer of the impending outcome of a dyeing world.



“The Republic”

The t-shirts are a representation of the complex racial and national relationships people have. The three t-shirts actually form one garment, the idea is that everyone will have all three and balance out their own relationships formed before they were aware. The t-shirts rely on ideas from The Republic (