Monday, April 12, 2010

By-My-Art T-Shirt Design Campaign WINNERS!!

And The (5) WINNERS Are!

1. Elspeth Duncan: 34 votes

2. Jean-Marc Hunt: 19 votes

3. Ibrahim Miranda: 19 votes

4. Mario Lewis: 15 votes

5. Tamara Tam-Cruickshank: 15 votes

6. Omar Lewis: 12 votes

7. Seon Thompson: 11 votes

8. Hassan Hajjaj: 10

9. Hadassah Emmerich: 8

10. Raimi Gbadamosi: 8

Julian Duncan is the WINNER of a free By-My-Art T-shirt for predicting the winning designs.

By-My-Art will like to sincerely thank all the participating artists who gave their time to prepare and submit their designs. Without your contribution this project would not be here today. And most importantly we want to thank [YOU] all our By-My-Art supporters. Our journey has only just begun.

We have some very new and interesting developments to share with you as the Trinidad and Tobago Fashion Week gain momentum. Look out for new announcements and giveaways.

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